Thursday, 13 October 2011

Thursday 13th October

Another day another winner yesterday with Persian Gates winning very easily, but having taken 7/1 the evening before I was hit with a hefty 25p deduction so only a 2.81pt profit on the day. Still better than a 1pt loss. Things are going well at the moment with the last three selections winning, but one of the reason for doing the blog is to add further discipline to my betting and to stop me looking for winners. There are two meetings today at Wincanton and Uttoxeter and today is a typical day were in the past I would go searching for winners and probably end up losing on the day because nothing stands out as a strong bet, instead of waiting until the next opportunity comes along. After all there will be plenty of selections to back or lay between tomorrow and the end of April. I'm off to Cheltenham tomorrow for the two day Open fixture so should be able to find a few selections over the coming days.

P&L at advised prices since 24/8 +9.81

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