Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Discipline and Patience

Two cards today at Hereford and Musselburgh and once again after reviewing the cards there are no selections. As I have mentioned previously the main reason for doing the blog is to add discipline to my betting and stop me betting for the sake of it, so after a good weekend I am happy to be disciplined and wait patiently for the betting next opportunity.

P&L at advised prices since 24/8 = +27.08 2012 = +5.2 


  1. Hey Kev

    Great discipline mate.

    I have lots of conversations with Jake from the managed risk blog regarding the different approaches people have to their gambling and one thing we both agree on is that one of the biggest pitfalls is bets just for bets sake or to call them another name 'Throw away bets'.

    You are not falling into the 'throw away bet' trap so your plan is working mate.

    Keep up the great work

  2. Mark,

    You've said it all. The guilty throw-away bets are the difference between long-term profit and losing. I have declared 'war', so to speak, on these careless wagers as to eliminate them 100%. I know this is not possible..but???? why not try. LOL.

    Gentlemen, it is a pleasure to discuss this great game on a daily basis and I thank you both for your kindness.

    All the best


  3. Mark/Jake,

    Interesting views on the subject of these "throw away bets". A bit of psychology I use is that I mentally consider these potential bets as winners if the lose and if they win I look at how many have lost just to convince myself I have made the right decision in not backing them in the first place.